Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We lost Pa4wa3luo2di4!

Luciano Pavarotti in Vélodrome Stadium, 15/06/02. Cropped version.

It's been almost a month since Pavarotti (帕瓦囉蒂 • pa4wa3luo2di4) passed away (去世 • qu4shi4)!

(I have been wanting to write about him for a while but, the truth is that I could not figure out how to write his name in Chinese.)

Luciano (盧恰諾 • Lu2qia4nuo4) Pavarotti was born (生於 • sheng1yu2) on October 12th, 1935 in Italy (意大利 • Yi4da4li4).

He was known as "King of the High Cs" ( 高音C之王 • gao1 yin1 C zhi1 wang2) and as the "World's First Tenor" (世界首席男高音 • shi4jie4 shou3xi2 nan2gao1yin1).

He made his debut (首演 • shou3yan3) at La Scala of Milan (米蘭·斯卡拉 • Mi3lan2 si1ka3la1) Opera House (歌劇院 • ge1ju4yuan4) in 1964. The following year he was invited to go (應邀去 • ying4yao1qu4) to Australia (澳大利亞 • ao4da4li4ya4) to perform and to make a record (唱片• chang4pian4).

From then on his popularity rose steadily (節節上升 • jie2jie2 cheng1wei2). He became the best (最佳 • zui4jia1) international (國際 • guo2ji4) stage opera (歌剧 • ge1 yu4) tenor (男高音 • nan2gao1yin1).

Pavarotti died (逝世 • shi4 shi4) at the age of 71 of Pancreatic Cancer (腺癌病 • xian4 ai2 bing4) at his home in Modena, Italy.

The have lost a great performer!

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