Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Where? There!

People from different parts of China prefer different words to express the same idea and Putonghua or Mandarin, also incorporate these variations.

For example, "nar3" or "na3li5" both mean "where" and "nar3" and "Na3li5", likewise, mean "there".
As I understand, people in the north of China prefer the "r" sound, whereas southerners prefer a crisper sound as in "na3li5".

Pinyin Talker adheres to the crispier sound of the south.

Example phrases using na3li3:

na3li5 ke3yi3mai3 shou3ji1? - where can I buy a mobile phone?
(where) (can buy) (mobile phone)

ni3de5 lao3jia1zai4 na3li5? - Where is your hometown?
(your) (hometown) (is) (where)

Ni3 qu4 na3li5? - Where are you going?
(you) (go) (where)?

Ni3 zai4 na3li5? - Where are you?

na3li3 ke3yi3 chou3yan3? - Where can I smoke?
(where) (can) (smoke)

fan4dian4 zai4 na3li? - Where is the restaurant?

zai4 na3li - It is there
(is) (there)

For pronunciation purposes and when using Pinyin Talker, if there are 3 or more consecutive 3rd tones, change each 3rd tone preceding the final 3rd tone into a 2nd tone.

Happy Learning!

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