Saturday, September 22, 2007

10 shu4 tou2fa = 0.56 karat lan2 zuan4

According to the "Daily Telegraph" (每日電訊報 • mei3ri4 dian4xun4 bao4), a lock of 10 hairs (10束頭髮 • shi2shu4 tou2fa5) belonging to the late Beethoven (貝多芬 • Bei4duo1fen1) have been turned into a diamond (鑽石 • zuan4 shi2) which is expected to auction (拍賣 • pai1 mai4) for at least £500,000 (50萬英鎊 • wu3shi2 wan4 ying1bang4).

This is the first time in history ( 有史以來第一次 • you3 shi3 yi3 lai2 di4 yi1 ci4) that a diamond has been ever created out of carbon (碳 • tan4) extracted from a celebrity (名人 • ming2 ren2).

The lock of hair belonged to the collection of "famous hairs" at the University (大學 • da4xue2) Archives (檔案 • dang4an4) in Connecticut (康涅狄格 • kang1nie4di2ge2) in the US. This authenticated collection (收集 • shou1ji2) includes hairs from Albert Einstein (愛因斯坦 • Ai4yin1si1tan3) and former president (前總統 • qian2 zong3tong3) Abraham Lincoln (林肯 • Lin2ken3).

Beethoven's hair, estimated to be about 200 years old, was donated (捐贈 • juan1zeng4) to LifeGem a company (公司 • gong1 si1) specializing in creating high-quality (優質 • you1 zhi4) diamond from the carbon of loved ones. Experts (專家 • zhuan1jia1) at LifeGem extracted (提煉 • ti2lian4) 130 milligrams of carbon (毫克碳 • hao2ke4 tan4) from the hair strands and created 3 round diamonds. One of them will be auctioned on Ebay. The proceedings will go to charity (慈善 • ci2shan4). The second one will return to the University Archives and the 3rd will be put on display at the LifeGem archives.

Photo: Ludwig van Beethoven 1820 (Joseph Karl Stieler)
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