Sunday, September 2, 2007

wo3 ke3le5 A beer for me, please!

After I finished writing my last post about Chinese tea, I though, well maybe some people don't like drinking tea at all! What if they want to ask for something a little stronger? So i figured I would find out how to go about ordering other types of drinks.

I'm no expert on the Chinese Language but I imagine the sentence structure would remain the same:

我想喝茶 wo3 xiang3 he1 (cha2)
(I) (want) (drink) (tea)
I would like to drink tea

The first word you should know is (
酒) jiu3 which means liquor. You'll see this character repeated over and over again!

伏特加酒 • Vodka • fu2te4jia1 jiu3
白蘭地酒 • Brandy • bai2lan2di5jiu3
威士忌酒 • Whisky • wei1shi4ji4jiu3
杜松子酒 • Gin • du4song1zi3jiu3
啤酒 • Beer • pi2jiu3
紅葡萄酒 • Red Wine • hong2pu2tao2jiu3
葡萄酒 • Wine • pu2tao2jiu3
白葡萄酒 • White Wine • bai2 pu2tao2jiu3
馬蒂尼雞尾酒 • Martini cocktail • ma3 di4ni2 ji1wei3jiu3
苦艾酒 • Vermouth • ku3ai4jiu3
蘭姆酒 • Rum • lan2 mu3jiu3
龍舌蘭酒 • Tequila • long2she2lan2jiu3

If you have managed to order drinks in Chinese, then here you have some handy phrases that will make you sound like a pro:

為我們的友誼干杯! • To our friendship! • wei4 wo3men5 de5 you3yi4 gan1bei1!
干杯! • Bottoms up! Cheers! • gan1bei1!
為你的健康干杯 • To your health • wei4 ni3de5 jian4kang1 gan1bei1

I'm not much of a drinker so my repertoire is not that extensive. My apologies for that!

Now, go order some drinks but try not to get too 酒醉 (jiu3zui4 • drunk)!!!

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